About Me

Hey there my name is Jose Carlos and I’m a software engineer currently based in Madrid. I’m really interested in Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing and Devops. I’ve been working with C# and other Microsoft's technologies like Asp Net Core, Azure, Xamarin for a long time now.

I’m always trying new things and I have had some exposure to other technologies like JavaScript and ElasticSearch. Finally, I consider myself a good team player and I always try to apply my expertise on solving actual business problems.

Work Experience

  • UserZoom
    November 2021 - Present Senior Software Engineer

    I’m part of a team that is currently migrating a legacy monolith application and dividing it into small and more manageable microservices as the legacy application is struggling to scale.

    C# Asp Net Core PostgreSQL Microservices Domain Driven Design Test Driven Development Event Sourcing CQRS AWS CI-CD SCRUM Git MassTransit Ocelot RabbitMQ Docker Kubernetes
  • Ryanair
    Dicember 2020 - November 2021 C# Developer

    I worked in an internal project that had the purpose of digitalize and automate as much as possible the process that goes from scheduling to operation of flights allowing the company to scale smoothly. It was a big project with several teams each managing one or more microservices and we use DDD, TDD and Pair Programming as a way to get the code the match as much as possible with business requirements as those requirements were really complex.

    C# Asp Net Core MySql Microservices Domain Driven Design Test Driven Development Event Sourcing CQRS AWS EF Core CI-CD Kanban Git NServiceBus
  • Babel Sistemas de Información
    June 2019 - December 2020 Senior Software Engineer

    For the most part I worked on a green field project for one our clients, a solution for assets and loans management (banking). I was part of the backend team where we built an .Net Core Rest Web Api to support a React SPA. We were using Azure Devops as a the main devops tool for running our unit and integration tests and for automating our deployments. We also follow best practices like Domain Driven Design and CQRS to keep a clean code structure.

    I design and implemented an Xamarin POC app as part of a plan to start using Xamarin within the company.

    C# Asp Net Core SQL Server Azure Devops Domain Driven Design Automated Tests CQRS EF Core SCRUM Git CI-CD Xamarin
  • Webpac
    January 2017 - June 2019 C# Backend Engineer

    Implemented an ASP .NET Core 2.2 project as a part a plan to incorporate new technologies.

    Participated in the development process of several websites, most of them were products catalogue using ASP.NET Web Forms, Javascript, JQuery, CSS.

    C# .Net Asp Net Core SQL Server JavaScript JQuery Git


  • Azure Fundamentals (AZ 900)
    December 2019 Microsoft
    Understand basic cloud concepts and core Azure services.
  • Azure Developer Associate (AZ 204)
    September 2020 Microsoft
    Development, deployment, maintenance, monitoring and performance tuning of Solutions in Azure.
  • DevOps Engineer Expert (AZ 400)
    March 2021 Microsoft
    Designing and implementing strategies for collaboration, continuous integration, testing, delivery, monitoring and more.